Neighborhoods in Mass. could get more shade from trees under new climate bill

Tree canopies shading Massachusetts cities and towns could grow dramatically due to a new climate bill.

Alison Kuznitz - 05-05-2023


A neighborhood-by-neighborhood look at environmental justice in Boston

RADIO: A new report finds people of color are most impacted by the effects of climate change in the city.

Rob Lane & Tiziana Dearing - 04-11-2023


Boston Moves to Implement Climate-Friendly Building Code

Boston is set to implement a new state climate-friendly building code to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Kathryn Carley - 04-11-2023


Greening roofs to boost climate resilience

Roofscapes, a startup founded by three MIT students, is planning to build green spaces on pitched roofs in Paris.

Zach Winn - 04-06-2023


Massive study examines offshore wind’s impact on fishing, fisheries

A new federal study explores the impacts of offshore wind on fisheries and commercial fishermen.

Anastasia E. Lennon - 04-06-2023


US Energy Department Unveils New Strategy to Expand Offshore Wind Energy

The Biden administration hopes to construct 30 gigawatts of offshore wind energy by 2030.



How Massachusetts’ new DEP commissioner will bring ‘transparency and equity’ to the agency

Bonnie Heiple, the state’s new Department of Environmental Protection commissioner, has a bold plan for MA.

Dharna Noor - 03-29-2023


The Latest IPCC Report & What It Means For Massachusetts & Rhode Island

To reach net-zero emissions by 2050 or even 2040, we have to make considerable progress this decade.

Larry Chretien & Anna Vanderspek - 03-29-2023


‘Heat-pump coaches’ help neighbors ditch fossil heat in Massachusetts

Since 2020, at least 14 heat-pump coaching programs have sprung up in Massachusetts

Alison F. Takemura - 03-29-2023