NB Resilient

New Bedford's Climate Action and Resilience Plan

The City of New Bedford has launched NB Resilient—our plan to strengthen our community by preparing for the impacts of climate change. NB Resilient is a roadmap for everyone in the city to take action, and it includes short- and long-term goals for a safe, thriving city—from reducing greenhouse gas emissions, to ensuring the waterfront and port are protected from the climate change.

Explore our list of actions and their status below.

NB Resilient

What is NB Resilient?

What will sea level rise, flooding, heat waves and intense storms mean for the local economy, transportation, infrastructure, public health and more -- and what can we do now to ensure New Bedford is stronger tomorrow? Watch our video and explore the Dashboard!


Summary of NB Resilient

New Bedford's Plan for Climate Action + Resilience

Want a quick introduction to NB Resilient?  Check out this summary document for priority actions, achievements to date, and further goals in each plan element.