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Climate change remains single biggest global economic threat

Top insurers and economists warn climate change remains biggest global economic threat, despite ongoing COVID risks.

Michael Holder - 2022-01-17

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Warming Trends: Americans’ Alarm Grows About Climate Change, a Plant-Based Diet Packs a Double Carbon Whammy, and Making Hay from Plastic India

The number of Americans alarmed about global warming now outnumbers Americans who are dismissive of it three to one.

Katelyn Weisbrod - 2022-01-17

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Inspired by King’s Words, Experts Say the Fight for Climate Justice Anywhere is a Fight for Climate Justice Everywhere

Terms like “environmental racism” were not yet part of the national lexicon when Rev. King Jr. was assassinated.

James Bruggers - 2022-01-17

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Inside Clean Energy: Here Come the Battery Recyclers

The battery economy is booming, and with it a recycling industry is bracing itself for a wave of battery waste.

Dan Gearino - 2022-01-17

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Warming Trends: Climate Threats to Bears, Bugs and Bees, Plus a Giant Kite and an ER Surge

A column highlighting climate-related studies, innovations, and developments from the global-warming frontier.

Katelyn Weisbrod - 2022-01-10

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Inside Clean Energy: In the Year of the Electric Truck, Some Real Talk from Texas Auto Dealers

The Ford F-150 Lightning is part of a wave of electric trucks coming in 2022.

Dan Gearino - 2022-01-10

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New England is Warming Up Faster Than the Rest of the World

Average temperatures in the region increased 3.29 degrees from 1900. The rest of the planet has warmed 2 degrees.

CBS Boston - 2022-01-03

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An Energy Transition Needs Lots of Power Lines. This 1970s Minnesota Farmers’ Uprising Tried to Block One. What Can it Teach Us?

As we move toward a massive build-out of lines, a decades-old rebellion offers a way through potential opposition.

Dan Gearino - 2022-01-03

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City of New Bedford Awarded Grant to Advance Green Infrastructure Projects

To reduce urban flooding, mitigate extreme heat, improve neighborhood livability, and deliver environmental justice.

Michael Silvia - 2022-01-03